Meet our teacher Kara



When and how did you come to yoga?

My journey into yoga began at a young age while in high school.  I was an athlete seeking to find a way to stay in shape during the off-season.  The very first class I attended was a 90-minute intense Bikrim class heated at 105 degrees. I went in looking for a physical work out but gained so much more than that. I really started to understand what it was to have a mind, body and spirit connection. I was instantly hooked!

As my journey progressed, I began to branch out to different types of yoga, which then lead to me to vinyasa while studying at University of Colorado in Boulder. This is when my true passion to teach was sparked. Vinyasa spoke to me on a deeper level. Using breath and movement during flow really helped me to find moving meditation in my practice, which is something I never experienced before.


Why did you start teaching yoga?

Yoga spoke to me on such a personal level that I felt a need to share the gift of yoga with others. I have always felt the need to be able to help people and yoga was the perfect way to do so. Being an instructor is a very rewarding position. Not only do you start to create connections with your students but also you have the privilege to watch their practices grow. The most rewarding part about teaching however, is the ability to have your students start to teach you. I have learned so much about myself as a teacher through my students. They are the ones who inspire me every single day.


What is your favorite pose?

Being a sensation seeker, I am always looking for the next challenge! I love arm balances and inversions. However, tree pose is my absolute favorite pose. Vriksasana keeps me the most grounded and stable. Balancing poses teach us a lot about life in general. If your balance is off on your mat, your balance is most likely off in life as well. Your roots, your standing foot, is your foundation. I feel connected with mother earth while having the ability to spread my arms, extended and stretch to new lengths.


Who inspires your teaching?

My biggest inspirations are my students and coworkers. Having opportunity to be able to teach at a studio like Yoga By Degrees is truly a blessing. All of our teachers here are so unique. I truly believe that this combination is what sets us apart from other studios. I love walking into a classroom and having the ability to learn and to be challenged. I look forward to coming to work every day.


Tips for beginners

Know that every yogi was a beginner at one point. Be open to exploring your body and let go of judgment and negativity. Your body is unique so it’s important to remember that you do not compare yourself to others in your class. Never let yourself become discouraged on your mat. Yoga is a practice and no one is “perfect” at yoga.  Your practice will change from day to day and you have to find acceptance for where you are on your mat that day.

Also, make sure you explore and try out different teachers. You may connect with one teacher over another.

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t take your practice so seriously.


Favorite quote

“We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

-Charles R. Swindoll

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