Meet our YBD Teacher of the Month: Bridget

Meet the lovely Bridget, our inspiring Yoga by Degrees Teacher of the Month!  Bridget is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and studio lead at our Wheaton location. You can enjoy Bridget’s class in Wheaton and Western Springs.  To check out Bridget’s class schedule, visit our website:
When and how did you come to yoga?
I came to my mat about 2 1/2 yrs ago at the urge of my best friend to try and get me past a bump in life. My sister came with to my first class and ever since that day, my mat has been a place of support and love, especially when I have no idea where I am headed. 🙂
Why do you teach yoga?
Because I just can’t help it 🙂
What is your favorite pose?
Down dog is my favorite favorite pose. In Adho Mukah Svanasana I feel long and strong, connected to the ground and part of the sky. It’s the first place I ever experienced my belly pulling itself in and being upside down always reminds me to find new perspective.
Who inspires your teaching?
My teachers and students are a continuous source of inspiration. Their kindness, laughter and care always remind me of the importance to share good stuff with others.
Tips for beginners:
Find a smile on your face when you want to scream and give your body the opportunity to suprise you. 🙂 We are all a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.
What’s your favorite quote: “Don’t ever let anyone steal your joy.”

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