Meet our YBD Teacher of the Month: Jill

jill teacher of the month
Meet Jill, our inspiring (and always smiling :))  Yoga by Degrees Teacher of the Month! Whether you love vinyasa, sculpt or restorative, you can enjoy Jill’s amazing energy and flow in all three of our locations!  To check out Jill’s class schedule, visit our website: .
When and how did you come to yoga?
I had 4 small children and was looking for some quiet time for myself.  I had read about the benefits of yoga and thought I’d give it a try.  I walked out of my first class feeling wonderful, it was just what I was looking for.  I have been practicing since!
Why did you start teaching yoga?
After practicing for 10 years I  decided to take teacher training to enhance my knowledge and practice, never intending on teaching.  Halfway thru the training, I knew I wanted to teach to share all this information and my love of yoga with others.
What is your favorite pose?
I always have a new favorite pose.  If there is a pose I don’t like I pratice it it until it becomes a favorite, but if I would have to pick one it would be malasana.  I love hip openers and this pose is great for hips, sacrum, digestion and even your core.
Who inspires your teaching?
Students and fellow teachers.  The excitement of learning and sharing with each other I feel while teaching or taking a class is very inspirational.
What tips do you have for beginners?
Let go of negativity and expectations and accept where your practice is today.  Mostly have fun!
Any quotes you find inspiring?
“Its ok to fail because without failure we would never have success.”

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