Community Love



Yoga by Degrees has been cultivating a strong community that can breathe, sweat, and smile together through the practice of yoga. Yoga is a lot more than the physical postures—it is a way of life.  Yoga by Degrees is excited to launch a new program, Community Love.  This karma yoga is designed to recognize and support individuals and organizations nominated by our students and staff within each studio’s immediate geographic area.  This opportunity is aimed to encourage the practice of service to others in the presence of yoga.

Community Love’s first devotion goes to Vayda, one of the Wheaton community’s littlest members.  Vayda is a 2 ½ year old, blue-eyed beauty, with a spunky personality.  Right now, she is facing a BIG challenge that took her parents and family by surprise on December 3, 2013.  Vayda has been diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).

Since December 3rd, she has received five rounds of chemo and has a 2 ½ year treatment plan ahead. Vayda’s sisters, her parents, and uncle, a member of our YBD community, have been by her side constantly since the news broke.  They are armed with warriors including friends and family ready to help pull her through this “road map” of cancer treatment.

Spiritual and emotional support is abundant, but some have expressed a desire to provide more.  Here’s a chance. The funds contributed by people like you, will be used solely for Vayda’s out-of-pocket medical expenses, travel and other treatment incidentals.  Yoga by Degrees in our Wheaton location is accepting checks payable to Dan Marco, memo Vayda, in our donation box.  Alternatively, you can purchase a set of handmade mat straps for $15; 100% of the cost will be donated.  Yoga by Degrees donated $2 for every individual who attended class on Saturday, March 29th. Keep an eye out for another special donation class in April.  Donations for Vayda and her family will be collected through April 30th. Donations can also be done online at:

If you have a nomination for the next individual or organization for Community Love, please contact: to share ideas with Yoga by Degrees.

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