Pose of the Month: July


Wild Thing

Sanskrit: Camatkarasana

There are many different ways to transition from downward facing dog and Wild Thing or  “flip your dog” as you might hear it, is one of them! Wild thing is a fun and challenging way to open up the hips and chest!

Benefits: Opens up chest, lung, and shoulder areas as well as the front of your legs and hip flexors. Builds strength in your shoulders and upper back.


Start in downward facing dog with your hands spread wide, hips pressed up and back, heels lengthen down.

INHALE- Extend your right leg high. Make sure keep the right hip in line with your left to keep your hips squared.

EXHALE- Bend your right knee to rotate your right hip open. Lift your right palm towards the sky while your left hand remains the grounded palm.

INHALE- Press your sternum up and allow the head to drop back behind you.


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