Change Your Mind – Start Your Practice

Your friends all gather to go together, you see people in great shape toting mats wherever you turn and even your own doctor has suggested it to help you with your stress levels.

So, finally you commit. You set out to buy your first real pair of yoga pants and go online to find a class that’s right for you but discover there are literally hundreds to chose from in just your area alone! With the popularity of yoga skyrocketing, choosing the right level and style of yoga, as well studio and teacher can be daunting.

It’s easy for a new practitioner to become discouraged after stumbling in to a class that was too challenging or easy.

The good news is: You don’t have to go far to start your yoga practice. In fact, you don’t need to go anywhere! The one thing that will guarantee your success is your mindset. Therefore, you may need to change it as the first step to finding the right class for you.

Even classes labeled “Beginner” could be too challenging for some people, in turn, an “Advanced” class could be too easy. Therefore, both beginner and advanced practitioners alike must always be willing to accept “where they are” in their practice.

Everyday is different, and change is inevitable, both in our lives and on our mats. Therefore, to stay engaged, we must be willing to accept modifications if things get too difficult and keep challenging our selves with harder variations if it’s too easy.

So now that you’re ready to accept where you are, now what? After you have the “right” mind-set you need to find teachers who look after their students to see what they need, i.e., if they are struggling or they seem bored and offer both easier and harder modifications as they teach each pose.

Most teachers do offers modifications and variations but there are some that don’t or only offer a few due to lack of experience or perhaps, preference. So how can you know if your teacher is in the majority? Ask. When you come to your first class with a new teacher. You can ask them if they offer beginner and advanced modifications and variations. This will also serve as a good reminder for them to do so. (If they say yes, chances are you are in good hands.)

As long as you’re willing to take modifications and variations, not only will your practice flourish, you will begin to learn them yourself and not have worry if a teacher offers them. You will confidently be able to take any class, join your group of friends, stroll along with your mat and tell you’re doctor you’re on the right path to reaping all the benefits of yoga, including knowing you are perfect where you are!

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