Meet Carole, YBD Teacher of the Month!

A powerful Yoga Sculpt teacher, a mindful Vinyasa instructor, a mother, and a full-time businesswoman –our Teacher of the Month, Carole, does it all.  Carole inspires our YBD community to be balanced with all of her dymanic strengths both in and around the yoga studio.  You can catch Carole’s class at any of our locations, check our website for details. See below to get to know this dedicated leader and yogi even more.

Carole in her favorite asana, Natarajasana.

Carole in her favorite asana, Natarajasana.

When and how did you come to yoga?

About 11 years ago, a friend recommended I try bikram to help with my tennis elbow and other aches I was feeling due to the amount of competitive tennis and hard core workouts I endured since I was a teenager. After 6 months of practicing, my body and mind changed in ways I never imagined. I was then motivated to explore other types of yoga such as Baptiste and Power Vinyasa and yoga soon became a part of my life!

Why did you start teaching yoga?

I wanted to know more than just the physical part of the practice. I wanted to understand more about the philosophy and history of yoga.

What is your favorite pose?

Natarajasana (Dancers Pose) since it is a pose that represents balance – both on and off the mat.

Who inspires your teaching?

All of the YBD teachers!! Every day off I plan to take a class and it just amazes me what I learn from each teacher at YBD!

Tips for beginners…

Keep coming! Do not worry about feeling you have to know ‘everything’, yoga is a lifetime journey.

What’s your favorite quote?

“You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others”

– this resonates so much with me since I balance a full time job in addition to being a mother, wife, and yoga teacher!

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