Meet Teresa, Teacher of the Month!

Teresa in her favorite pose, fire log.

Teresa in her favorite pose, fire log.

Yoga by Degrees truly cherishes this Teacher of the Month, Teresa. She is an loyal asset to our teaching staff and is a positive ray as a mentor in our teacher training programs. She humbles us all by juggling a busy schedule, being amazing with so much subbing and last minute bail outs. All the while, carrying a calm composure and definitely a giant smile. Get to know her a little better with the answers below. Here is her permanent teaching schedule:

Tuesdays, 6am YBD2 Elmhurst

Tuesdays, 8pm YBD2 105 Western Springs

Wednesdays, 6am YBD1 Elmhurst

Thursdays, 4:30pm YBD1 Western Springs

Thursdays, 8pm YBD2 Elmhurst

Friday, 6am YBD1 Elmhurst

Saturdays, 4pm YBD2 105 Downers Grove

Sundays, 12pm YBD2 Western Springs

When and how did you come to yoga?

I started to give yoga a halfhearted chance in my early 20’s to help combat stress and to try something new . After practicing on and off for a year or two  I started going to yoga regularly and began to see  positive changes off the mat. I was less stressed, confident, happier and more myself than ever.

Why did you start teaching yoga?

Yoga has changed my life so much-  I want to share yoga with anyone and everyone I can! I love helping people feel good.  I also truly enjoy teaching- Even at 6 am!

What is your favorite pose? 

Agnistambhasana- Fire log/ Double Pigeon. It look me a long time to be able to enjoy this pose! It reminds me of how much I have changed in my practice. 

Who inspires your teaching?

My Students! My goal of every class is to connect with them through yoga and help them feel better.  If I can help them feel better even just for 5 minutes, I am happy! And of course the amazing teachers at YBD- I love our community and the wealth of knowledge and love for the practice you can find here. 

Tips for beginners…

Relax! Its just yoga. Don’t be afraid to fly or fall. And seriously, nobody cares if you can’t touch your toes! 

Do your practice and all is coming- Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 

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