Meet Lisa, YBD Teacher of the Month

Lisa blissing out doing some beach yoga.

Lisa blissing out doing some beach yoga.

Meet our lovely Lisa, yoga instructor and studio manager of our Elmhurst location. A natural teacher, her nurturing classes are highlighted by serene energy, acceptance, and meditation. Take an hour of her therapeutic class and leave feeling relaxed and balanced. You can check out her classes in Elmhurst at:
1:15pm YBD2 105 on Mondays
8:30am YBD1 85 on Tuesdays
12pm YBD2 85 on Tuesdays
1:15pm Restorative on Tuesdays
9:30am YBD2 95 on Wednesdays
1:15pm YBD2 105 on Wednesdays
Get to know Lisa below!
When and how did you come to yoga?
I found yoga 18 years ago when I was pregnant w my 2nd child. I bought a prenatal yoga book, and loved the way it helped me relax & de-stress.
Why did you start teaching yoga?
I decided to become a teacher while I was a student at ybd in WS. Was very inspired by the teachers there, which led ms to the ybd TT. I thought therapeutic benefits of yoga would be a wonderful complement to the work I do as a counseling psychologist.
What is your favorite yoga pose?
Who inspires your teaching?
The amazing teachers at YBD inspire my teaching
Tips for beginners?
Practice patience & compassion with yourself. We are our own worst critics. Just relax & enjoy : )
What is your favorite quote?
“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
– Helen Keller

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