Mindful Monday: Our New Community Space


Good morning, beautiful people! We’re so happy to announce that we’re restructuring our blog a bit so that it’s a community space where you can come to meet our teachers and staff, learn new postures, and nourish your mind, body, and soul with meditations, healthy recipes, short sequences, and personal stories that’ll inspire you to start living your best life.

Everyone comes to yoga for a different reason, and so while we’re collectively gathering to flow-‘til-we-glow, we all bring something to our mats that is uniquely our own. Whether you’re a veteran practitioner or a student entirely new to yoga, a more disciplined practice and a commitment to merely showing up often yields a personal transformation that encourages us all to “live our yoga” both on and off the mat.

So, what does living your yoga look like? Well, that all depends.

Maybe today you live your yoga by waking up one hour early to make a smoothie before work instead of hitting snooze four times before ultimately waking up on the wrong side of the bed anyway.

Maybe you pay a stranger a compliment, or you de-clutter the space in your home where you spend the most time.

Maybe instead of responding with your favorite swear word to the hurried human who cuts you off during rush hour, you take a deep breath, exhale to the count of five, and let it go.

Maybe you’ve been carrying around a lot of resentment and you have someone to forgive. Maybe that person is yourself.

Living your yoga isn’t a place. It’s not a mark to check off on a long list of “Ways I Should Act” or about your level of calm during any given day. Think about living your yoga as more of a process of unlearning than learning. We’re all human. We all have deeply embedded behaviors and personality traits that can either cripple us with labels of untruths or propel us into inspiring models of compassion with a great capacity for love. And you know what? It’s never consistent. One day we’re centered and compassionate and vessels of grace, and the next we’re dropping F-bombs and acting 10 years younger than we really are. We are both the thunderstorm and the sunshine. Living your yoga is less about shedding layers that don’t serve you and more about becoming a silent witness to all of the many strengths and weaknesses that make us so unique. It’s about finding balance.

Maybe you have a tendency to anger easily, and because aggression and anger aren’t positive emotions, you’re made to feel less-than in your mishaps or ugly moments of being a little too reactive. Yoga is the perfect safe space to be curious about your multitudes. So, if you’re the person who easily angers, you’re not going to set out on this journey to become a person who never gets mad, right? No way! Not only does that seem like an impossible feat, but it’s just ludicrous, right? Put your hand on your heart. Feel that? That’s your capacity to feel anger. Your humanness. The thing that connects you, to me, to the rest of the world.

So, you know all that junk? All your downfalls? All your negative behaviors? Your sensitivity? Your rollercoaster of emotions? All the times when you just can’t get it right?

Yoga draws a circle around all of that and says: “There’s room for that here.”

Yoga meets you where you’re at and trains you to add tiny slivers of space between stimulus and response, or action and reaction. So, if you’re the person with a terrible temper, maybe you watch the anger as it bubbles up. Feel your skin get warm. Acknowledge your rapid heart rate. Allow your fists to clench. It’s counterproductive to not allow yourself to feel emotions as they pop up. You’re in a state of meditation when you see anger, name it, and then release it. You’re watching it instead of acting on it. Say to yourself: “Oh, anger. There you are. Hi, anger. I see you.” Let it come, feel it fully, and then choose to move on.

Smile, breathe, and go slowly!


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