Mindful Monday: Reinvent Yourself with Our 21-Day Detox

Mindful living is conscious living. It’s making a choice to be introspective and to reevaluate if the decisions you’re making on a daily basis are propelling you into your best and most actualized self, or conversely, if your habits are crippling you in a place of stagnant complacency. Maybe you’re aware that the life you WANT to be living and the life that you actually ARE living aren’t in harmony, but you’re not motivated to make a lasting change. Knowing what’s right for your state of wellness and actually doing what’s right for your state of wellness are not that same.

Our 21-day detox provides the opportunity to reboot your body and mind, to feel calm and focused, and to find a cleaner, lighter, and happier you – all with the accountability you’ve been craving to make your intentions of healthy living a reality.


All positive changes either come from starting something, or stopping something. Committing to a detox is a commitment to purging all negative toxins from the physical space that is your body – releasing and renewing so that you’re able to restart. It’s like hitting your own personal reset button so that your liver, kidney, and colon can start optimally functioning again. And, because everything that’s happening inside of your body is interconnected, internal organs that are healthy and working properly allow you to absorb more of the good nutrients your body needs, which yields a healthy immune system. Happy immune system = happy you!

Give yourself a fresh start! Together we will gently clean our bodies and minds from the inside out using whole, complete, and delicious foods paired with simple lifestyle suggestions.

We’ll meet on four Sundays in October from 3:00-4:30 to develop a personalized health plan that’ll help you experience the mental clarity you need to reinvent yourself from within.

When? October 4, 11, 18, and 25 from 3:00-4:30

Cost? Non-members $125 and Members $100

Questions? Email instructor Nadja Lalvani at nadjal@me.com

Sign up at the studio, over the phone, or at http://www.yogabydegrees.net!

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