Mindful Monday: New Season, New Routine

Top o’ the morning’ to ya, mindful ones! The weather’s changing quickly, the days are shorter, our stack of favorite leg warmers is higher, and vata energy is in the air. It’s cold, it’s dry, and it’s the perfect time to go inward. Just like the squirrels have begun scurrying around collecting nuts, fattening up, and preparing for winter, this change of season forces us into a change in routine as well.

Kickstart your change in routine by warming yourself up from the inside out:

  • Cozy up in a space that suits you: Reset, realign, restart! It’s a great time to clean up your space, pack the sandals and summer clothes away for awhile, and take up a new hobby that’ll keep you busy before cabin fever sets in: knit a pair of socks for a friend, or get yourself an adult coloring book (this is actually a pretty popular thing right now, and there are meet-ups for those of you seeking a fun date night or new adventure).

  • Try a hot yoga class: Nothing screams summer feels in the midst of a fast-approaching winter like 105 degrees. We just added a brand new format to our schedule that strengthens and detoxifies. Try our all-new YBD Hot classes! This format is traditional hot style and is a set sequence of 26 postures. It also happens to regulate your sleep-wake cycle, so it’s the perfect class to foster a healthy cold-weather routine.

image1 (2)

  • Perfect a favorite wintertime recipe: I made stuffed acorn squash a week ago with freshly picked apples from the orchard and turkey sausage, and my dad loved the recipe so much that he had to re-make it last night (better than me, of course) with mushrooms and an entirely different flavor. Anyone else have any favorite recipes for this time of year that keep the body healthy and smell like comfort? Please share below!!!


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