December Pose of the Month

Oh hey, December! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we’re approaching the new year, anticipating new beginnings, and preparing our hearts and our bodies for a fresh start, this month becomes the perfect time to reach back, go back, way back. Before we float into the unknown and continue to move forward, take some time to go back & inward to reflect. Appropriately then, we bring you (or rather, beautiful instructor Sarah Pogorzelski brings you): Reverse Warrior.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  • From Warrior II, flip your front palm up toward the sky
  • Sweep energy up and reach back, allowing your opposite arm to rest gently with little to no weight on your back leg
  • Maintain a commitment to your front lunge by bending deep into your front knee and stacking your knee directly over your ankle
  • Energetically pull your knee open and back over your pinky toe to open your hip
  • Sink your hips toward the floor and relax your shoulders

Benefits of Reverse Warrior:

  • Challenges balance
  • Lengthens and elongates your side body
  • Stretches and strengthens front quadricep
  • Builds lower body strength

Give it a go! Option to reach behind with your bottom arm to grab for your front thigh for a half bind.

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