Meet Sarah, YBD Teacher of the Month

We love and honor Sarah P, as YBD Teacher of the Month – December! We want to thank you for your nurturing, kind and calm demeanor. Sarah will sweet talk you into difficult asana and help you realize your potential. It feels like she is hugging you with her words and energy. Sarah is a gentle leader for her all of her students and Teacher Training mentees. We are so grateful for your dedication, compassion and for sharing your gifts with our community.

Check out Sarah’s class schedule and get to know her better below:

Saturdays – 10am YBD1 and 12pm YBD2 – Wheaton

Sundays – 12pm YBD2 and 1:30pm YBD Restorative – Downers Grove

Mondays – 8pm YBD2 – Western Springs


When and how did you come to yoga?

I started doing yoga in 2011 as a part of my regular workout routine.  Just a way to cross train from some more intense workouts that I was doing at the time.  I started with sculpt but also incorporated vinyasa and something about vinyasa really resonated with me.  I lost a family member to gun violence about 10 years prior to starting yoga and I was living my life in complete fear.  When I started doing yoga I had no idea that it would help me through the fear that I felt.  We always talk about how when we start yoga we don’t really understand what it is that keeps us coming back, and I felt that way, I kept coming back but didn’t fully understand what was happening.  4 years later and I can say that yoga saved my life.  Truly.  I no longer live my life from a place of fear.  Of course there are things that take me right back to that place but it’s short lived because now I have the tools that I need to breathe through it.

Why did you start teaching yoga?

I signed up for teacher training on a whim, to be honest.  My husband encouraged me to do it, had it not been for him I would not be teaching today.  He gave me that little nudge I needed to pursue what has been such an amazing part of my life.  During training I realized that I wanted to give my students the same thing that I had been given.  A place to heal.  I’ve discovered so much about myself through my own personal practice and I’m so incredibly grateful to my teachers that led me through my healing; I consider my own teaching to be a way to pay it forward so to speak.  We all have something that we’re going through so I want to provide a safe space for healing to happen, to somehow introduce the idea of peace to those that walk into the studio.

What is your favorite pose?

I joke all the time about this but honestly my favorite pose is savasana.  I remember when I first started doing yoga and thought, are you serious, laying down is built into this??  Best idea ever.  It wasn’t always savasana but I’ve found so much peace in just taking the few minutes at the end of my practice to ground myself.

Who inspires your teaching?

There are so many things and people that inspire my teaching but my biggest inspiration is my students.  I love seeing my students working through something on their mats, coming to their safe space and just breathing through things.  Getting to know the people that take time out of their day to come to class and move their bodies.  I love to hear the stories of what everyone is going through, we’re so similar but I think we forget that from time to time.  Seeing a group of people, who don’t necessarily know each other, come together and lift each other up, well it’s just the best part of this job.

Tips for beginners…

I tell all of my new students don’t be afraid to look around if you don’t know what the pose is.  But there is another side to that coin, don’t compare yourself to the person next to you that seems to be ultra flexible.  All of our bodies are different so everyone is going to look different as we’re all searching for our own expression of a pose.  Just keep coming back, you’ll get to know the poses and you’ll be amazed at the things you learn about yourself.

What’s your favorite quote?

Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite.  – d. antoinette foy

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