Be Who & Where You Are

Happy Monday, missionaries of consciousness! I’m so glad that we’re all still on this journey together, committed to filling our souls up with little cookies of inspiration each week!

Lately I’ve been on a Santosha kick. On this personal journey of trying to live my most authentic life, I’ve tried to be open + honest when the struggle is real. And, as it turns out, this idea of “contentment” is something that surely isn’t a lone battle. If you’re disciplined with your weekly yoga routine and surround yourself with fellow Lightworkers, you’re probably reminded constantly to bring yourself back to the present, right? We come to class and our teachers sweetly encourage us to be a witness to our own thoughts, and to be gentle with ourselves when our busy minds propel us somewhere other than right here and right now.

Maybe we’ve trained ourselves to become acutely aware when we’re focusing more on what’s missing and what we want instead of what we already have right now. And maybe we’re even getting pretty good at drawing ourselves back to a space that’s rooted in gratitude. We buy bracelets and T-Shirts and coffee mugs that remind us to stay present and content, and when that isn’t enough, we find ourselves staring at rows of books under “Self-Development” at Barnes & Noble. We *know* that being at peace with the many blessings we have currently is what brings more and more abundance. So, why is it so flippin’ hard to enjoy each and every season, including the ones that are cold, dark, emotional, full of tension, overflowing with stress, and full of people who already have the things that we so deeply desire? Oh yeah, there’s that whole comparison thing too.

Enter Santosha. Making peace with contentment doesn’t mean that you’re all of a sudden going to be living the life of Mother Teresa. This is real life. We still like to run fast. We still put the cart in front of the horse. We still look at our vision boards and list of to-dos and find guilty pleasure in checking each of our goals off of the list. Check. Done. On to the next.

It’s just life. We’re on a timeline. Every day that we wake up, we’re also a day older. And we aren’t going to live forever. So, do this: Make space for your ambitions. Be creative. Have a vision. Aim high. Aim true. Keep following your dharma. But also, do this: Notice when you’re exclusively wanting, yearning, and dreaming. Sure, sometimes it’s time to fly. But, even airplanes have to land. Find your balance by being honest about what you’re missing when you only care about what you still need to do and who you have yet to become. And what exactly do you miss when you’re always bee-lining toward the next thing?

Only everything. The joy of being a beginner, the butterflies that come with a promising new love, the ability to be vulnerable, the choice to live and trust and breathe through not having a clue in the world how things are going to unfold. What I’m learning: Stay present for each step of your journey. We don’t go from one place to another in a gigantic leap. We get there in tiny increments, by going through each feeling, each belief, and every experience one step at a time.

Sometimes when we pray for miracles, what we’re really praying for is help in skipping steps, for shortcuts. But the truth is that the simple act of acceptance & contentment, of returning to and truly living in each step of our path, can often bring us the very miracle that we need. We can go ANYWHERE we want to go, one step at a time. Stay present for each step of the journey. Trust every season. Many things are possible for you if you accept that the fastest way is one step at a time. Surrender to that.

image1 (2)

Yoga Photographer: Sarah Pogorzelski


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