Mindful Monday: It’s If You Will Or Won’t

Happiest Monday!

Have you ever found yourself contributing to this culture of complaining? I’m too tired. I can’t. It’s so hard. I can’t. But then I’d actually have to put myself out there. I can’t. I honestly can’t think of anything nice to say. I’d love to, but I can’t.

I hear these can’ts on an every day basis, and you can surely believe that some of them are coming out of my own mouth. Is it just conditioning? A slippery slope? One person starts, and we just have to chime in with more? The word “can’t” is hands down the biggest catalyst for a storm of excuses. If you break it down though, can’t just translates to not able. And so then it just becomes this little white lie that we’re perpetuating. Because the truth is, it’s not that you aren’t able. Because actually, you CAN. If you get to the root of it, can’t actually equals: I’m scared. It’s risky. I might fail.

It’s not if you can or can’t, it’s if you will or won’t. Pretty profound, huh? This week, be mindful. Catch yourself when you’re slipping into your slew of can’t-like complaints, and maybe begin to change your language to a more authentic approach: I just said can’t. Is it truly because I’m not able, or is it just because I won’t? And if you won’t, what’s behind it? Fear? Discomfort? Stubbornness?

Your awareness is everything. Start to become acutely aware of when you’re using can’t inappropriately. Boldly exit the all-too-easy-to-contribute-to culture of complaining by deciphering once and for all between can’t and won’t. Remember, it’s not if you can or can’t, it’s if you will or won’t. Take a deep breath, and start your Monday with a very loud: I WILL!


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