Mindful Monday: Go With The Flow

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Does anyone ever feel like the drowning chick on the left? If you’re anything of a control freak like myself, you probably find yourself in rocky water more often than not. You’d think becoming a yoga teacher would send you right into the water that’s more serene and lazy-river-like, but we’re all human. We like what we like.

I believe we’re conditioned to this type of control from the moment we start asking to pick out our own outfits for the day. Or when we insist on shaving our legs before our moms approve. Or when we declare our complete and utter distaste for broccoli.

I’m not saying we should all start wearing a “Citizens of the United States” uniform, grow out our leg hair, and eat the broccoli. But, I do think there’s something to be said about our attachments, our way, our stubbornness, and what we truly and innocently believe is just us being uniquely independent. Sure, we need to be certain of who we are and what we want, and then take the necessary steps to chasing our dharma. But what happens when we try to control too much?

Enter the drowning chick on the left. Yes, the law of attraction is real. Creating a vision is healthy. There’s a certain peace and even a motivational drive to act when you’re sure of what it is that you want. If we begin to operate from a sincere space of gratitude, and if we’re sure on a soul level that what we deeply desire is coming, all we have to do is sit back and watch how quickly it comes. We have some control over these things.

What we don’t have control over is time & means. If we can just be grounded in reality about our complete inability to force things into existence when the timing is off, and then admit that there’s an actual possibility that there are multiple roads to the same destination and that we might just be on the wrong street, we can start calming the water.

Today’s morning affirmations: I will trust in a timing that’s not my own. I am open to re-routing if ever I find that my way is the wrong one. I will not resist. I will go with the flow.

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