Day: January 18, 2016

Mindful Monday: Breakfast for the Win

Good morning, mindful ones! When we first introduced Mindful Monday, we promised a handful of mixups ranging from stories to meditations to yoga to inspiration to recipes to short workouts to literature. Today we give you a special morning treat. And, since breakfast is most certainly the most important meal of the day, we could all use some inspiration. Between kids and careers and dog-walking and everything in between, mornings can be quite frantic and rushed. Maybe you skip breakfast entirely. Try this quick and easy power bowl to give you all the energy you need before you even leave the house:

1 C yogurt (there are some really great soy yogurts out there for those of you participating in the cleanse)

1 fresh fruit of your choice, cut

1/2 C granola (lots of gluten free options)

1 T chia seeds


Copy it, spruce it up, make it your way, let us know if you love it. What are some of your favorite and quick go-to healthy breakfast delights?