Mindful Monday: Give the A

I was recently in a quite thought-altering conversation with someone who is reading The Art of Possibility, a book in which a music teacher starts the semester by giving all of his students As, with one stipulation: each student must write a letter to the teacher dated May (the semester’s end) that explains the story of what will have happened to him or her as a result of this extraordinary grade. It sounds kind of silly on the surface, but what ended up happening was remarkable. And it’s so much more than just giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

When you give someone an A, both the giver and the receiver are transformed. Your expectations of how so and so should measure up against your own standards start to break down, and because you’re operating out of a space of deep respect in which you’re already handing out As to everyone you meet, the recipients have room to realize themselves. The A is not an expectation yo live up to, but a possibility to live into.

The reality is that it’s all ego. Most of who we think we are and what we’re capable of is just a result of the stories we tell ourselves on a daily basis. Today, try transcending. Today, give yourself an A. Today, wake up and tell yourself a story in which at the day’s end, you’ve already succeeded. Start with that, and see where it takes you.


Anyone else getting inspiration from a must-read book? Top 2 favorites: Go!


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