Mindful Monday: Unconditional Kindness

Happy Monday!


Let’s get mindful this week. This is a message that’s been following me all week long, and a great reminder for us all: kindness without conditions. Often, we keep our compassion and kindness close. We dangle it on a string we’re holding tight in front of faces like: “Yeah, this is the good stuff. And you can have it…so long as you’re nice to me first.” So then, when someone is unkind to us, we operate on this points system. I didn’t deserve that, minus two for you. That’s how you’re going to treat me? Minus five. And so on.
When we do this, kindness becomes conditional. We hand out kindness for the deserving (and we’re the judge) and hold it hostage when we’re wronged. And maybe we even take it a step further and when someone treats us poorly, our Ego wants to retaliate. Revenge. Payback. Stick it to ’em.
This week, consider unconditional kindness. The more you give of it to the LEAST deserving on your list, the more your life will begin to change. Go within, and find the light that already exists. It’s for everyone, right? It should be. Be kind.  To the people who did you wrong, the people with hard hearts, the hypocrites, the naysayers, the ones waiting on the edges of their seats for you to fail at something / anything. To the people who challenge you, who can’t seem to ever wish you well, the ones who can offer you absolutely nothing in return. Without pausing to consider whether or not the recipient is worthy, always be kind.

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