Mindful Monday: Nature Heals

Happy Monday, mindful ones!

Holy moly! Did anyone get outside this weekend to enjoy the beautiful warmth and sunshiny skies? Weather is always that go-to topic that people can connect on (mostly because we can usually collectively complain about it). I’ve tried to be more conscious to not dump on the weather, because I feel we’ve had a pretty mild winter for Chicago, and truth be told that I don’t really hate the snow anyway.

What’s really special about weather though is that no matter what it’s like—rainy, snowy, hazy, sunny—you can always connect. Slip your bare toes into the soil. Feel the sun beat down on your face. Taste the snowflakes as they float down into your mouth. Let the rain cleanse whatever impurities are weighing heavy and keeping you emotionally stagnant.

We might not be getting 60 degrees back again for some time, but no matter what kind of weather we’re graced with this week, let it heal. Go outside. Breathe in the fresh air. Take a walk. Watch the sunset. Be still amidst the grandeur.


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