March Pose of the Month

Happy belated leap year, and welcome to another new month. Hopefully the month of March brings us lots of warmth and the firsts of a much-awaited glorious spring. We also bring you our pose of the month: Skandasana!

  • From Warrior II, Star Pose, Horse Pose, or Prasarita, bend into your left or right knee squatting down onto your heel
  • Straighten your opposite leg as you lower your hips
  • Flex through your foot on your straight leg with your heel to the floor
  • Your hands can come to the floor for balance and support, or play around with different heart-opening variations by bringing your hands to heart center or opening your arms wide
  • Option to stay popped up onto the ball of your foot under your bent knee, or flatten foot entirely to the earth

Benefits of Skandasana:

  • Improves balance
  • Builds core strength
  • Awakens hamstrings and invites organic movement as you switch from right to left

Dance into spring by trying out our pose of the month! Shift from side to side and let the prana flow!


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