Mindful Monday: Admire and Aspire

It’s a beautiful morning! The sunshine’s surely helping us spring out of any cold-weather blues we might be feeling as we eagerly await spring, but Booker T. Washington once said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else!”

Let’s start the week by paying it forward:

Treat the car behind you in the drive-thru to a cup of coffee.

Hold the door for a stranger.

Leave a tip in the tip jar at the register.

Write a piece of positive feedback in the suggestion box.

Compliment someone’s outfit.

Smile at everyone you pass today.

Pick up the trash you see flying around in the parking lot.

Fill a bag with items you no longer use or haven’t used in awhile and drop it off at your local donation center.

Tap the brake to let the driver in front of you merge…take a deep breath, you can do it. 😉

Men: Leave the seat down!

Prep a meal and drop it off at a neighbor’s house.

Write your spouse a handwritten love letter.

Donate blood.

Introduce yourself to a new coworker or one you haven’t met yet and make him or her feel welcome.

Write a positive review for a favorite small business you enjoy.

Let someone with only a few items cut in line at the grocery store.

Whether you’re a charity novice or an aspiring Mother Teresa, there are so many ways to make this earth a little brighter. Collective energy is contagious. Start today, and feel free to add to our list!


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