Mindful Monday: Yoga Sutras & Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was our first official day of Spring, and although the weather’s still inching toward that warmth we’re all craving, there’s plenty of fresh air, chirping birds, and budding greens all around to remind us of what this change in season is all about.

This particular change in season is a great time to start fresh, purge old habits that are no longer serving our highest growth, and do some necessary “spring cleaning” both mentally and materially. A closer look at the yoga sutras might inspire some spring cleaning for the soul.

One of the strengths of our teaching training program at Yoga By Degrees is the emphasis and further education on the 8 Limb Path. The 8 Limbs are divided into the yams and niyamas, which are essentially translated into guidelines for living a meaningful life of purpose and intention. This Monday we’ll focus on some much-needed springtime Saucha.

Saucha is the practice of cleanliness. As with all of the yamas and niyamas, there is an inner as well as an outer aspect. Yoga is highly transformative, and when we choose to take the path, we’re moved from the world of form and all of the fears and attachments and neuroses that we identify with to this realization of the formless self that resides within us as Spirit. To make it simple and to use Saucha as a way to clean out the clutter, start with the outside and then, if you’re ready, go a bit deeper.

Take a look at your surroundings: What kind of conditions do you live in? Is your space calming and a place of sanctuary? Does the room in your home where you spend the most time bring feelings of joy and contentment? Do you keep your home, work space, and vehicle clean and tidy, or is it time for some serious tidying, organizing, sorting, and maybe even trashing things that are really of no great use to you? This week, take some time to evaluate your home and body. Do the dishes right after your meal, take a bag of clothes you no longer wear to your local donation center, clear out the leftovers from your fridge, and spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted bliss in a hot bath with bubbles & your favorite essential oil.

Spring cleaning with Saucha is simple, and once you tackle the external like home and body, you can start asking yourself what kind of mental garbage is crippling you in the past, perpetuating unnecessary fears, and cluttering your mindset with questions and inadequacies and made-up stories.

Practice Saucha & simplify.


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