Mindful Monday: Get Off Your Sweet Asana!

Happy Monday, and giddy up! If you’re reading this sitting down or at work, get up, stand up, and stretch out! Today’s all about productivity and the gift of healing movement.

Sure, rushed mornings might turn into spilled coffee and afternoon meetings that run late can segue into an angry after-work commute. And maybe, by the time you finally get done teaching 3 classes or playing Super Mom or spending hours in your car, exhaustion might set in and it’s hard to keep the motivation.

Today, it’s all about 50-10. For every 50 minutes of scheduled, productive, multi-tasking, job-doing time you spend being exactly the type of (insert role here) you’ve been called to be, take 10 minutes of time to move. Stand up. Take a short walk. Lift your arms over head and tip from left to right for a yummy side body stretch. Touch your toes. Shake your head and let your tongue and mouth be absolutely free to make whatever oddball noises you want. However you choose to spend your 10 minutes, spend it moving for you. Your body, your time, your healing. Ready, set, go!

image1 (2)

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