April Pose of the Month

SPRING IS HERE! Today we bring you Standing Forward Bend, and this is a special pose of the month for us, because it doubles as the first pose for our studio’s Instagram Yoga Challenge! If you want to participate, it’s still not too late to join. Ask for details, or visit our @yogabydegrees IG page and click on the collage for rules.

  • From Mountain Pose, ground into both feet and begin to tilt your weight slightly forward
  • Hinge from your hips (not the waist) and lead with your front torso
  • Melt your heart toward the earth and to your thighs, maybe maintaining a microbend in your knees
  • Allow your arms to dangle freely, or take one of our fun variations by interlacing your fingers behind your back for a yummy chest expansion, or hug your calves for some well-deserved self love.

Benefits of Uttanasana:

  • Stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips
  • Calms the mind and can relieve stress and tension in the upper back and shoulders
  • Stimulates kidneys and liver and improves digestion
  • Strengthens thighs and knees

Flow into spring by releasing all the things weighing you down!

image1 (3)

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