Mindful Monday: Aim True & Bloom

Another manic Monday! Except we’re officially experiencing spring (what, that snowstorm this weekend wasn’t warm & green?) and so hopefully it’s less manic and more mellow. Late last week I attended a special event and book signing downtown with yogalebrity Kathryn Budig. Kathryn is a favorite teacher to so many because she’s probably the most authentic of the bunch. She shares her unfiltered journey as means of inspiring yoga bodies from all walks, her playful cueing and fiery female energy is contagious, and she’s so dang cute to boot.

Our warrior flow had a bit of everything. There was space for flailing limbs, temper tantrums, and kicking and screaming. We built goddess abs before archery practice as we flowed through the warriors like femme BOSSES. In a room of hundreds of people, we experienced connection like never before with opportunity after opportunity to touch our neighbors, to fuel up off the collective energy in the room, and to truly embody one breath / one people. It was magical.


At the end, a small Q&A revealed a couple humble takeaways for us all:

Adopt a “Who Cares” Attitude. This doesn’t mean to lose your sense of compassion and to be apathetic toward your personal practice and your life. Kathryn was asked if there was a particular pose she’s always struggled with. I’m always all ears when instructors I admire are asked this, because although we’re supposed to practice non-attachment when it comes to asana, having a “nemesis” pose is fairly common. First she admitted that she’s always hated shoulder stand, and I giggled slightly as my personal fears and visions of being decapitated re-surfaced. Yikes. Then she talked about handstand press and this overwhelming pressure she gets when logging into Instagram and seeing babies nailing yoga tricks like it ain’t no thang. And we’ve all been there, right? We’ve all turned green with envy scrolling social media and seeing postures we only dream of executing with grace. Kathryn’s advice? There’s over 4,000 yoga postures. If there’s one you can’t do, one you don’t like, one that surfaces some emotions you don’t ever care to feel, one that you just find plain silly, one that physically pains part of your body, or one that’s awakening a demon Ego that you need to shut down immediately…DON’T DO IT. 4,000 postures, people! Pick a different one. WHO CARES.

Feel What You Feel. This one is just a breath of fresh air. After that last question, someone asked if she’s ever had days when she finds it difficult to “turn it on” and to pour out healing and loving energy to so many people when circumstances aren’t all harmony, rainbows, and butterflies. In other words, how do you make room, as a yoga teacher, for you own struggles? Just like the sweet warrior she is, Kathryn humbly admitted that she’s ridiculously lucky to be doing “work” that allows room for all things. Having a bad day? Use it. She talked about how magical it is that even in a storm that doesn’t feel like it’s going to let up any time soon, she’s never walked into class in a terrible mood and left the same. And ain’t that the truth. If you’re mad, feel mad. If you’re sad, feel sad. If you’re smiling for no reason, sprinkle that sunshine around like confetti on New Year’s Eve. There’s room for everything on your yoga mat. Live it. Breathe it. Use it.

From the mouth of a true warrior! Spend this week being unapologetically yourself. Aim true & bloom!

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