Mindful Monday: Dark Before the Dawn

Good morning, mindful ones! And doesn’t this just feel like the most magical Monday after a full weekend of the warmest weather we’ve had in over seven months? Hello, Vitamin D! I’ve missed you.

There’s always lots of symbolism commentary when it comes to the changing of seasons. Our studio’s even playing off of it with our #FlowIntoSpring Instagram yoga challenge. If you’ve ever felt like Mother Nature mocks you with changes in the weather…She does. These sunny days serve as a metaphorical pick-me-up after months of gray skies that match our complaining souls begging for all things shiny and bright. The most important takeaway: Nothing lasts forever.

The never-ending school day.

The lingering cough that might be Bronchitis, that might be just a cold that you’re convinced will never ever go away, that is probably just seasonal allergies.

The dinner with your in-laws.

The Chicago winter.

The commute to work.

The new baby that just won’t sleep through the night.

The most recent argument with your loved one.

The Warrior II you swear you’ve been holding for ten minutes

Nothing last forever. Everything in this world is temporary, and if we’re constantly rushing from one thing to the next, wishing it were summer or wishing it were over or wishing for the next best thing, we miss the lesson. Motion is linear and motion feels good, and we’re taught from the moment that we’re encouraged to take our first steps that the way is one foot in front of the other. We’re urged from our earliest steps to keep it going and keep it moving. But what’s not given enough attention is the fact that this linear movement takes little to no effort on our end. It doesn’t have to be a struggle or a marathon. We don’t have to pour out so much personal effort.

It’s okay (and sometimes necessary) to fall down, sit down, and stay put. Sometimes you’ll find yourself at a standstill and it’s not by choice. The days are long & dark, it feels like it’s been raining forever, and you’re stuck in the mud. But I can assure you: you’re not. If you can re-frame the seasons of your life that seem to go on forever and that are keeping you stuck to just be a place you’ve *chosen* to sit instead of the place you’ve been damned to, you’ll begin to see yourself as the victor instead of the victim. You’ll be able to take a breath and ask: Why am I here? What’s there to learn? Who is the teacher?

Know in your heart that it’s always darkest before the dawn, that everything is temporary, and that you’re exactly who and what and where you need to be…and you’re just lovely.

light at the end of tunnel

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