Mindful Monday: Stay On Track

Hi there, mindful ones!

This is your weekly reminder to hang in there. While it’s globally most common to set a vision and make goals around the first of the year, it’s smartest to reflect throughout: to reassess, reframe, and “check in” so to speak with your own progress. And sometimes, circumstances change and new benchmarks need to be created along the way. A new lover. The end of one career and the start of another. A diagnosis. A move. Sometimes these things are planned, and sometimes they aren’t. Either way, 9 times out of 10 the timing never seems to be your own. Maybe you’re in the in-between, the space between no longer and not yet, playing the waiting game.

Learn to love it as if you’d chosen it. It’s in the times that feel like they aren’t moving at all that you must remain on track. Stick to your vision, but check in. Don’t be so set on the images and the outcome, but rather cultivate a mind that’s open to some rearranging. Sometimes the in-betweens are a great time to mix things up, to start anew, and to move forward with a fresh perspective altogether.

Crossroad in lavender meadow

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