Mindful Monday: Power to the She

This week, we’re heading toward a very special Mother’s Day Weekend, and as an appropriate tribute, let’s all send vibrations of love and sincere thanks to the women who’ve given us breath. Whether it’s mom, or grandma, or aunt, or sister, or friend, or role model, almost everyone can identify an inspiring female influence who deserves a gratitude shower.

As a token of appreciation, adopt an air of servitude this week that closely resembles this unlike-any-other duo of unconditional support: motherly nourishment & downright tough love. It’s hard to be both. Be stern, but be loving. Be strong, but be soft. It might take eons to master this balance, but we can all take the first step by loving hard and by saying thank you, forever and sincerely, for as long as we have voices. Power to the She!


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