Mindful Monday: Stop Trying to Prove

We live in a society of metrics. We measure success by how many degrees you have, how fast you can run, how much you can produce. There are first, second, and third ribbons. There are promotions, title changes, and recognition and awards ceremonies to seal it all up with ribbons and pearls and plaques. Results. Results. Results.

This sets up a tricky dynamic where a push to be motivated to living our bests lives gets too easily blurred with people-pleasing and an underlying obsession with hitting benchmarks and a “just because” mentality of living to win. But why? What are you trying to prove?

The truth is, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, not even yourself. A subconscious desire to prove ourselves is hiding at the root of our fears, the root of our tension and pent-up stress, and the root of our desire to do more and be more. And with it comes the burning belief that we aren’t good enough or that we need to compensate for some deficiency in ourselves in order to claim our place in the pecking order. It starts to feel like we need to earn our right to be here. Like we’re being watched, and judged, and graded. Because sometimes, we are.

Remember this today and always: You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You’re fine just the way you are now. You have an energy that is uniquely your own and you bring something to the plate that this world desperately needs. You have particular gifts and talents that are yours and yours alone. Without doing anything extra or claiming any flashy title or setting out to become more than you are right in this moment, step right up and take your place. It’s already yours.


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