Mindful Monday: The Good Uncertainty

Sometimes we don’t know what we want, what’s coming next, what we think is best for us, or what we think our lives will look like a month or a year or a few down the road. That’s okay. If the answer is I don’t know, then say it. Say it clearly and out loud.

For a long time, I made it my personal mantra to honor the space between no longer and not yet, and more than that, to let that space inspire me and not terrify me. If you’re feeling called to set some new intentions for summer, let yourself be at peace with not knowing…with the in-betweens.

There are so many reasons for not knowing. And no matter how much control we like to have over our lives, some uncertainty is good. Maybe we can’t know what’s coming because it’s going to be so different than anything we’ve experienced in the past that there’s no other way to enjoy the newness of it all other than this element of surprise. Maybe the reason we can’t know what’s coming is because it would be too difficult or too confusing to process right at the moment, so we’re put in this “waiting line” to eliminate unnecessary fuss and worry while our hearts and Spirits are being prepared to be unafraid.

Sometimes knowing would deprive us of the very experience we need to go through to discover the answer or truth we’ve been looking for. And sometimes the process of learning to trust that we will eventually come into that truth at exactly the right time is more important than knowing anyway.

Find the good uncertainty. Stay there for a bit. You might even love the view.


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