Mindful Monday: Feel All The Feelings

Feelings can be good or bad. They can be warm and fuzzy and sustain us for a good day of walking on sunshine, or send us into a spiral of negativity. Sometimes this causes us to think black and white when feelings arise. The good ones we welcome openly and want to create more of, and the bad ones we want to send away on a one-way ticket. Because our feelings have the power to affect us one way or the other, we feel like we need to act.

The truth is, you don’t need to do anything about your feelings. This is important to understand, because if you feel like you need to act when it comes to certain feelings, emotional energy is blocked, stopped, denied, or repressed. Emotional energy, no matter what the emotion, needs to be discharged. But know that discharged doesn’t mean doing anything. You don’t have to act on every feeling that arises. You don’t need to control every emotion or to let your emotions control you. Simply feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Become fully and completely conscious of it. Take responsibility for the way you choose to express your feelings, yes. Then let your feelings go. Release the emotional energy. When you allow yourself to feel all the feelings, the learning is already underway. You’ll begin to know what to do next and to learn naturally the action that’s right for you to take. It’s a new and healthy kind of control. The only thing you need to do about your feelings is to feel them.


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