July Pose of the Month

Since we just passed the summer solstice, which is the gateway to all things sunny and bright, we’re appropriately bringing you Gate Pose for July. Gate Pose is a yummy side body stretch that also works the hamstrings, and it’s a sure favorite!

  • From kneeling, activate your core to extend one leg out to your side
  • Ground the sole of your foot into the earth so your big toes are forward facing
  • Spread your fingertips wide and inhale your arms up overhead
  • On the exhale, bend over your extended leg and lightly rest your same-side fingertips on your knee or shin.
  • Keep your hip stacked on top of your grounded knee as your rotate your lifted arm and shoulder back to keep your heart up and open instead of dropping your front torso

Benefits of Gate Pose:

  • Opens shoulders
  • Stretches the side body and spine
  • Stretches hamstrings

Happy July, yogis. Breathe, sweat, and smile! ❤


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