Day: July 4, 2016

Mindful Monday: My Favorite Freedoms

Waking up with the luxury of a few private minutes to write down my blessings

Stepping outside to breathe in air that’s fresh and pure and cleansing

Clean water straight from the tap

Having access to and being able to read books of all genres for both knowledge and for pleasure

Hopping in the car and effortlessly crossing state borders to visit parks and beaches and friends at any time that fits my schedule

Having a closet of clothes to wear that are comfortable and enhance my unique style

Meditating to an intention of my choice to a god or power or energy that makes sense to me and that doesn’t have to fit a particular stencil or definition

Not being scorned for doing so

Eating for both sustenance and for enjoyment

Spaces to practice yoga that are pleasing to all senses

Crying in public

Leaving my children with nurturing caregivers I can trust

Being able to leave my doors open and unlocked when it’s appropriate

A private bath tub and shower

Vehicles that allow me to get from point A to point B quickly and safely

Watching HGTV for 3+ hours and feeling only mildly guilty

The choice to be who and what and where we want to be, and the ability to change direction at any time

These are a few of my favorite freedoms. Thanks to everyone who helped make this list so real. Can we add anything else? Contribute in the comments! Happy 4th, mindful ones! ❤