Mindful Monday: Choose Joy

Choice. It’s our greatest source of power. Are you willing to be in constant pain for even one moment longer? I’m not. Are you willing to continue needlessly worrying through distressing situations? I’m not. Do you really, truly want spend energy fretting about the millions of things you have absolutely no control over? I don’t.

We’re here and it’s our life’s purpose to feel joy and absorb all of the beauty we possibly can. If pain comes, let it come and let it pass just as quickly. Then move on to joy.

Choice is our power, but it’s also our pain. Just last week, I was in an argument with a friend. I was able to acknowledge my part, and at one point I became acutely¬†conscious that my behavior wasn’t serving my highest good. Still, the argument had already started. We were “in it” and I had already committed to my position. Maybe you’ve been there before too. You’ve already committed to being upset, sad, hopeless, and so on, so it’s easier to just stick with your stance. Take caution. Don’t let your choices cripple you in the past or present. The point in which you’re able to acknowledge that your stance or behavior isn’t serving your growth doesn’t matter. Keep moving forward. Let it come, let it pass quickly, and choose joy.


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