Meet Erica, YBD Teacher of the Month

Erica has been attending classes at YBD since 2011! She started as a dedicated student, then became a loyal studio attendant, and now she is one of our most beloved sculpt and vinyasa teachers. Her classes are fun and always challenging! Here’s where you can find her:

7:15PM, Yoga Sculpt, Downers Grove
6:00AM, Yoga Sculpt, Glen Ellyn
6:00AM, YBD 2, Downers Grove
4:30PM, YBD 2, Glen Ellyn 

When and how did you come to yoga?

I found yoga during college. I have been an athlete my entire life and after playing volleyball in college I got a job at a gym. The gym offered yoga classes, so I started taking classes, realizing that they were a great workout. In law school I used yoga as a form of stress relief, and started taking hot yoga classes near school my first year. After I started working full time, I settled back into taking yoga more on a daily basis and have enjoyed it ever since as both a great workout and a form of stress relief.

Why did you start teaching yoga?

I started teaching yoga sculpt about 2 years ago. After teaching sculpt for a year or so, I decided to take the plunge and do vinyasa teacher training.

What is your favorite pose?

I love any power pose, specifically any arm balance. I’ve always been the yogi that was strong, but not as flexible, so I relish in those moments in the poses that make me feel strong, especially when my arms or hands are holding the weight of my entire body.

Who inspires your teaching?

I’m inspired by any of my favorite teachers. Every teacher brings something different to class. I try to learn from all of the different aspects of my favorite teachers and try to evolve my own teachings in similar ways. I pull some of my best ideas from collaborative collections of poses taken from some of my favorite classes with my favorite teachers.

Tips for beginners…

Do not feel like you have to be “good” at yoga to go to class. Usually when I ask my sculpters why they haven’t tried a vinyasa class yet or why a level 1 student hasn’t tried a level 2 class yet, the typical answer is somewhere along the lines of, “I don’t think I’m good enough at yoga yet,” or “I don’t know all of the poses”. Yoga isn’t about what your neighbor is doing or how deep you can get into a pose. One of my favorite teachers always jokes that when you nail a peak pose in class, you don’t achieve enlightenment. Its the path to get into a pose that makes it yoga. Its how you treat yourself and its how you approach a pose which makes it yoga. Its knowing how your body feels and knowing that sometimes pushing yourself is not what you need that specific day. So, beginners, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks in the class, or even what the teacher thinks. The class is for you and for you to grow.

What’s your favorite quote?

You cannot control anyone but yourself. I have to remind myself that I cannot control how others act, how others perceive me, or how others may react to something. I can only control how I myself, react to others’ actions, and how I react to others’ perceptions of me.

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