Mindful Monday: Mistakes

Happy Mindful Monday, Dear Ones! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! 

Whether or not you watched the Oscars last night, undoubtedly you’ve already heard about the unfortunate snafu that happened with the Best Picture award. 

If we’re honest, we can admit that we make lots and lots of mistakes. Perhaps even daily. Fortunately our lives aren’t broadcast on live television, and our daily inevitable mistakes aren’t subject to as much exposure and scrutiny. 

The best thing we can do when we make a mistake is to own it, apologize and move on. Make things right. 

Which is exactly what we saw last night, right? A mistake was made and corrected immediately. The correct movie and cast was honored for their efforts with the Best Picture Oscar. And this was all addressed within the moment along with an explanation of what went wrong and how it happened. And a very strong likelihood that that same mistake will not be repeated again. 

And of course, the requisite jokes and memes will follow, but soon the incident will be a mere footnote. 

And so it is with us. If you make a mistake, rather than spending so much energy in denying it; admit it. Apologize. And move forward. Personally, this happens to me almost daily!

When we deny, others will disagree. When we acknowledge, apologize and move on, there’s really no where for someone to go from there. 

It reminds me of a song that I used to sing to my son Julian when he was younger:

“Oops, you made a mistake that’s all. Making mistakes is never fun. Oops, You made a mistake that’s all.  Mistakes can happen to anyone.”

So next time you a mistake, own it, fix it and embrace the wonderful growth opportunity that it brings to your life. 

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