Mindful Monday: Raising our Vibrations 

Good morning and happy Monday, oh mindful ones! 
Last week was such an energetically charged week! We observed the summer solstice, the official first day of summer, which is an ancient phenomena. We also celebrated international yoga day, which is a very modern observance. Eid al Fitr, the festival of  the breaking of the fast, indicating the end of Ramadan, was celebrated all over the world.  Chicago hosted its annual gay pride parade. 

 Each of these events brought thousands and even millions of people together, focused on one sentiment, literally raising humanity’s consciousness and vibration. It really doesn’t matter your religious beliefs; our collective  awareness is still elevated. 

Anytime a group of like-minded people get together focusing movement in one direction, we have an opportunity to get out of the prison of our own minds by enjoying and becoming part of the flow and force of life. 

We move toward higher consciousness – “a state of elevated awareness and perception in which a person has a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, the self and various spiritual aspects of life that play an important role in one’s personal evolution and psychological development.” 

This is the same dynamic energy we experience when we come together on our mats and practice yoga. We are striving to move from the darkness toward the light. From unconsciousness to consciousness. It is a lifelong practice and our purpose here on Earth.

The four stages of spiritual consciousness are outlined below:

1. Life happens to you.

2. Life happens by you.

3. Life happens in you.

4. Life happens for you.

We move from victim to awareness. We realize that judging and intolerance are inner mechanisms of resistance – that a higher level of consciousness allows an opening to all things life provides us. 

 “Life is setup, to bring up, what has been bound up, so it can open up, to be freed up, so you can show up for Life!” – Mary O’Malley

Have a great week, yogis! 

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