Mindful Monday: How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

Good morning, mindful ones! 

Have you ever noticed that how you do anything is how you do everything? Notice how you eat, breathe, move, speak, listen, kiss;  how you walk and move your body. How you greet each morning. 

It’s fascinating to get to know yourself in detail. 

From this space of observation, you will discover your deepest thought patterns. You will uncover and uproot unhealthy habits and patterns from deep within and reconnect with the newness of life. 

You will remember how beautiful and strong and worthy you are. Worthy to love and be loved. Worthy of every single compliment you receive. Worthy of success and hard work. Worthy of your practice. Worthy of each breath you take. 

So give yourself some space to watch yourself. You already know the way; as you pause and notice each breath, each bird chirping outside, each single moment of your life. Here is where all of the answers lie. 

How you change anything is how you change everything. One single breath, one day, one yoga practice at a time. 

Your mat is the perfect place to get to know yourself! The real you. 

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