Mindful Monday: Yoga and its Benefits 

Good morning, mindful ones! Happy Monday! Well it’s that time of year where it’s pitch black outside as I woke up this morning. It’s rainy and chilly. And it’s dark and still and gorgeously sublime. 

Regardless of the weather outside, this is a beautiful new day filled with endless possibilities to connect with one another. We each have the power to make someone’s day brighter and more meaningful. Including our own. 

And regardless of the weather, we continue to practice yoga. From your own practice, you are already familiar with many of endless benefits of a consistent and dedicated yoga practice. 

There are entire books and numerous articles already on this very topic. All about the physical benefits. And far beyond the physical benefits. 

For me, yoga has 

1. Reconnected me to my body. For many years my former career kept me constantly in my head. Planning. Strategizing. Reading. Meetings — endless, endless meetings. My mat time got me back into my body where I realized all the toll that constant stress had taken on my physically. So I became more aware. More flexible. More limber. Stronger. 

2. Reconnected me to my emotions. Yoga has totally softened me. And it’s an ongoing process. Decades of emotional denial – pretending everything was ok and not really dealing with life as it unfolded. Avoiding. Projecting. And straight up suppressing feelings until they bubbled up and couldn’t be denied. Yoga is a mirror. You must look deeply at yourself in this practice. And if you are not satisfied with your reflection, yoga is the perfect vehicle of transformation. 

3. Eased decades of stress and anxiety. In the beginning, my practice was purely physical. I would push myself physically in order to reach a state of exhaustion.  It was only then that I could reach a place of mental stillness. Was it exhaustion or peace? I don’t know, but it works! 

What are the ways you have observed that yoga has impacted your life? How are you seeing yoga in action off of your mat?

Make it a great week, yogis!

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