Mindful Monday: Snowga

Good morning and happy Monday, my yogi friends! Waking up to so much snow in April is probably not what any of us actually dreamed about.

But whether we like it or not, this is the current reality for chicagoans.

So we have freedom of choice. We can choose to react by complaining and being in a bad mood, which is perfectly understandable and our inalienable rights as human beings.

We can also remember that this day will never come again. That one day soon will be laughing about how Mother Nature got us once again!

Last Thursday (you may recall that it snowed like crazy that as well) I was visiting my favorite little people, and Sadie (5) and Savannah (3) when we went outside literally danced in the snow trying to catch snowflakes with their little tongues!

I learn so much from those girls about having that fresh perspective and welcoming in life with open arms! I constantly ask myself when I lost that wonder and became so darn crabby. Lol.

Bottom line is that 90% of the time we don’t choose life, it happens. 100% of the time we choose how to react.

So happy happy happy Monday, dearest ones! Get out there and do some snwgaaaah!!!

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