Day: May 14, 2018

Mindful Monday: Mamaste

Good morning and happy Monday!

Yesterday we celebrated mommas everywhere. Those who birthed us; those who nurtured us. All of our maternal figures that have impacted us in some way. Remembering that you don’t have to give birth to be a mom! Anytime we put someone else’s needs above our own, we are essentially “mothering.”

Moms are our first yoga teachers. They teach us all about unconditional love, acceptance, sacrifice and so much inner strength.

And being a mom teaches us so much, too! It turns your world upside down. In the beginning, little things you took for granted, like sleeping, bathing and eating sit-down meals, become the biggest luxuries! And this teeny little bundle hijacks your heart and soul. Of course, it changes you forever.

And as your baby grows and is no longer a baby, you learn tough lessons in letting go, inch by inch, little by little. You learn to trust that you’re doing your best because little man didn’t come with an instruction manual. You learn that life is messy and sticky and it’s never gonna be picture perfect. You learn to forgive yourself again and again and again.

And suddenly you have a teenager, and you learn acceptance and compromise and respecting boundaries. And you marvel at this amazing human being that you have helped shape along the way. And slowly it dawns on you that your entire role as a mom has been to prepare your child to leave you!

And you hopefully see so much humor along this crazy path! You realize that no matter what decision that you made, it will be the “wrong” one for your teenager. And that your kid is so strong and resilient that he’ll always be ok, no matter what you did or didn’t do.

So here’s to all of the mommas and momma figures out there! Yesterday, today and every day, remember that you’re doing a great job!

Happy rainy, thundery, beautiful Monday, friends!

And Mamaste!