Day: June 12, 2018

The Best 3 Tips For Beginners

If you or the guys in your life need a little inspiration to get to yoga class, here’s the 3 best yoga tips for beginners:
1. Stay in the back row
For your first few visits, lay your mat down in the back row so you can see what the people around you are doing. This helps you learn, keeps your neck from straining to see what’s going on.
2. Remain calm
Yoga is not easy. Don’t freak out if your athletic build is getting in the way of some moves. Progress is supposed to be slow and steady, and the most challenging aspects are usually what your body needs the most.
3. Focus on your breathing
Deep abdominal breathing is a huge part of yoga, and it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This lowers levels of cortisol, a hormone that forces your body to hold on to belly fat. Training yourself to breathe deeply through yoga can reduce stress and cortisol levels in your daily life.
Ready to feel a stretch like never before?
Now that you’ve found out why you regularly do yoga, it’s time to lay down the mat and start opening up your hips (and every other joint too).
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