Wellness Wednesday: The Healing Energy Around You

This past week I had the rare opportunity to meet up with a dear friend for a much needed yoga class. Not only was it refreshing to see my friend but many other faces I have not seen in quite some time, too!

Our multitude of responsibilities make it seem almost impossible to spend time with those that make us happiest. Our eagerness to socialize makes up for the lost time by focusing our attention on connecting with our favorite people. We become uplifted when we spend time with those that bring us joy. It becomes a nourishing, synergistic relationship for everyone involved. When we surround ourselves with those that keeps our inner light ablaze, we clear away the negative energy that exists around us and create more space for the nurturing energy we need. This enriches our lives but also allows our interactions with others to develop a supportive and healing space that creates further growth, understanding and compassion for ourselves and those in our lives.

Being in the presence of those that bring us joy may help us realize that we have a placement in this universe. Treating others the way we wish to be treated sets the stage to create healthy relationships. When our intention is simply to be social, our interactions with others may become superficial. However authentic time spent with others allows us to share our innermost thoughts with one another which can create a richer relationship. Fortunately it is a gift they give us, and one we can give back every day to energize our lives and those around us.



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