Wellness Wednesday: Flourishing with Acceptance

This past week it was brought to my attention of two people who have passed. Two more people who unfortunately left this Earth too soon along with three other deaths still on my mind from just a few months ago.

While it seems like death has been a reocurring pattern in my life it typically is an an immediate pause in routine because of the shock factor that is attached to it. When we experience something that is not consistent, it feels as if we are losing something. But it is true, we have lost someone. However understanding this concept that we are in a constant cycle of gaining and losing in life helps us to understand and accept the flow of life.

These recent events has opened eyes on how death has an impact on us. When we lose someone we love it is often first we experience a sense of shock or denial which then transitions into anger. This anger may be towards the loved one we lost for leaving or anger displayed outward to the universe. The cycle of grief from denial, anger, bargaining, depression and sadness isn’t a straight line. In fact, it can look like a toddler’s scribble that circles forward and then back with occasional moments of alleviation sprinkled between. This chaotic sequence reminds us how important it is we give ourselves the permission to feel in order to create space for the healing process that is about to begin.

Often we suppress this by throwing ourselves into many obligations and responsibilities to keep us distracted from the dwelling sadness we experience. This causes us to fall off route making the path of healing more difficult. Falling off this route can only allow these feelings to manifest in greater intensity so we must accept where we are in the moment.

Doing so consciously can soothe our tender selves as we become more open to this natural self healing process. As this grief subsides we can hold the memories of what we had and loved to live more vividly within us, transforming ourselves to flourish with acceptance and ease.

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