Day: July 3, 2019

Wellness Wednesday: Your Soul Purpose

There comes a point in our life when we must decide what our next step is. While for some of us this path may be smooth and clearly marked whereas some of us notice this path contains lots of rubble that leads us to the middle of an unknown area. Deciding which next step to take can give us a clear direction of which way we are headed but it may create a realization of what our view on life’s purpose is.

When we are in the moment of deciding our next step it is important we remind ourselves to stop where we are and reflect. We must move towards what satisfies our soul most. However, our inner dialogue may interfere with our decision making as we may fall into the expectations of life events to be completed at specific times. Our ability to detach from judgement and expectations frees us to become more content. Personal growth occurs when we allow ourselves out of borders we have placed ourselves in all our life.

It is when we release our fear and listen to ourselves that we discover what our next step is with ease. Beneath the fear of uncertainty and hesitation we experience the inner knowing that has been waiting to be acknowledged. But we must trust in ourselves to take the first step because soon we realize how empowering it can be. The momentum of continuing to step forward gives us the confidence we need to find alignment within this universe.