Wellness Wednesday: Surrounding Yourself With Those That Feel Like Light

“Stay close to people that feel like sunlight.”

One of my favorite quotes that I read somewhere (probably Pinterest, let’s be honest) at sometime I needed to hear it. As someone who is introverted, I always valued quality over quantity. As we are impelled to move forward at such a high speed in our schedules we realize our time becomes sacred and we cannot afford anything less than the feeling of sunshine. So while we begin to acknowledge who our sunshine people are, we also realize along the way we become a better form of ourselves as we seek for this.

We interact with a multitude of people each day. As we consciously acknowledge our exchanges with each person we learn it becomes easier to distinguish who it is we should spend more time around and those we should stray away from. But sometimes it feels as if we do not have much control over who we are around at all times. But our ability to cultivate space to toxicity in the room is within us already as we can detach to maintain our own peace.

When we cleanse ourselves from those that drain us we nurture ourselves with those that respectfully enrich our lives with a growing space that provides support, love and comprehension.



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