Wellness Wednesday: Your Sacred Time In Solitude

When we hop onto our mat we may realize it may be the only time we have solitude in our daily schedule. With the fast forward momentum of today’s life, we feel compelled to make the most of each day being productive.

The activities, habits and rituals that sustain us then are the first to become sacrificed. In times we ache for rest it’s important to remind ourselves that our spiritual self should be involved in our list of priorities to cultivate balance in our lives.

Each task, relationship and situation we engage fuels our spiritual vitality. But sometimes we feel guilty that we may be neglecging our family, friends or work. We come very selfless. While being selfless is seen as being thoughtful, we must prioritize our favorite spiritual fulfilling activities and require ourselves to practice the power of saying no to other’s requests and overwhelming responsibilities.

As we participate in activities and relationships that leave us feeling whole, we commit to enriching our personal growth by diving deeper into the benefit of solitude. We then realize this time is sacred and something we prioritize in our healing journey.



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