Wellness Wednesday: Telling People You Love Them

Little does anyone know that I keep a folder of letters I have received from those in my life over a course of my entire lifetime next to my bed. These are letters I hold close as a friendly reminder that there are people who have warned my heart by putting the effort to express their love and appreciation. They are something I still turn to years later for an uplift from the mundane.

I think most people do not truly express their innermost feelings for others whoever that may be- friends, family, lover, teammate, student or teacher. I really do think everyone needs to hear that they are loved and appreciated more often.

Learning to express our love to others from our innermost self is vital for showing our most honest form of feeling. There may be times when we wish to tell someone that we love them or compliment them and feel vulnerable, something we all fear at some point. We fear the other’s reaction so we store what is on our mind and hearts inside. We may even miss out on growing opportunities as many words can fall unsaid. These few kind words can be remembered forever by someone we find special. When we crack this barrier we cannot help but feel raw and fresh all at the same time. In this moment we never regret for loving too much. Exposing our raw emotions lets us get our thoughts across with pure sincerity.

When we share love to those around we create an instant shift in attitude to ourselves and those around us. It becomes this wonderfully synergistic cycle that will remain within even in the most despondent times.

Compliment or express your love and appreciation for someone today!



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